Top 7 Best bike helmets for Afro hair

Best bike helmets for Afro hair
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If you have afro hair, you know the struggle of finding the right bike helmet can be real. It’s not just about protection; it’s about making sure your helmet fits comfortably over your hair texture and volume.

And finding that one helmet that’s perfect can be a challenge, but don’t worry! I’ve put together a list of budget-friendly bike helmets that won’t break the bank, while also making sure you can ride with style and comfort. 

So if you’re ready for that great helmet that fits your afro, keep scrolling to find my list of best bike helmets for afro hair.

Does Afro hair need a special type of helmet?

Afro hair, because of its volume and texture, can be tricky when choosing a helmet. But, unfortunately, you won’t find any helmets that are specially made for afro hair. 

When it comes to wearing a bike helmet, the main thing is to make sure it fits well and keeps you safe in case of a crash or fall. Regular bike helmets might work well if you find one that can fit the volume or shape of your afro hair.

You’ll also need to properly prepare your hair before wearing a helmet. For instance, I like to first put my afro hair in cornrows and wear a cycling cap to prevent any stray hair strands from getting caught in the helmet, especially the velcro straps. 

Best Bike Helmets for Afro Hair: My Top 7 Picks!

1. Gudook Bike Helmet with LED Light

The Gudook helmet is one of my go-to helmets for cycling. I love how it’s so lightweight and the inside is super comfortable with all that padding.

The adjustable chin strap is a great for comfort, and adjusting the helmet size at the back is a breeze. The lights are also an extra safety feature to have, they’re really bright and actually add to your visibility on the roads, especially when it’s getting dark. 

What really stands out for me, especially as someone with afro hair, is its thoughtful design.

The 20-hole ventilation system, mesh thickened insect net lining, and fully cushioned head adds to the comfort.

Plus, the pads you can easily pop out for cleaning are a nice touch. The molding with the thick layers ensures it can take a hit and meets safety standards. 

Max size: XL (61-64cm)

2. Kali Protectives Chakra Solo Bicycle Helmet with an Integrated Visor

The Kali Protectives Chakra Solo is another awesome helmet for cyclists with afro hair, it’s perfect – not bulky at all.

The premium quality outer shell is tough and yet it’s lightweight. Wearing it feels like having a cozy hug with the soft inner lining – long rides are a breeze.

The 21 vents will keep your head cool and dry even in intense cycling, with no annoying moisture buildup.

The visor is also very thoughtful, and your eyes for it. Using the Dial Fit Closure System, it’s easy to make small adjustments for that snug and secure fit. 

Max size: XL (60-63 cm)

3. POC, Axion Spin Mountain Bike Helmet for Trail and Enduro

If you struggle to find a helmet that fits the unique shape of your head, you might want to try this one. This is one of those rare helmets that can fit a head with prominent occipital bone. And besides the fit, it’s also super light and incredibly comfortable.

This helmet is designed for hitting the trails and doing some enduro riding. It’s brings the perfect blend of lightweight feel, durability, and protection.

You can easily adjust it to fit with the all-around 360° system.  It also sports unique airflow channels to keep you cool, even when the sun is hot.

The visor is a neat feature – it’s designed to pop off in a crash to lessen the impact to your head and reduce the risk of a neck injury.

Max size: XL (58-62 cm)

4. Exclusky Lightweight Mountain Bike Helmets for Adults

The Exclusky Helmets is designed with the rider’s comfort in mind. And you can feel the padding inside giving your head a cozy hug, and the fit is snug without any annoying pressure spots.

Even on long rides, it’s so comfy that you almost forget it’s there, which makes the biking experience a whole lot better.

Ventilation is spot on for those warm trail days. The well-placed vents let the air flow through, keeping your head cool and avoiding that sticky, sweaty feeling.

Adjusting it is a breeze with the Single-Hand dial retention system, and the large sun visor is a nice touch for broad sights.

And about the price – it’s a steal! Great quality and useful features without burning a hole in your pocket. As a budget-conscious rider, it’s the perfect combo of value and comfort; a real win-win.

Max size: XL (56-61 cm)

5. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet with Lights

If you have an average-sized head, this helmet will fit like a charm. Even with afro hair, it fits perfectly well with no awkward bulging or tightness.

The chin straps are comfortable and adjust without any fuss. Ventilation works great, and your head will stay cool even on warmer rides.

The soft, moisture-wicking, and washable helmet pads add a nice touch for extra comfort. It also comes with USB rechargeable LED lights, which are great for night rides.

With three lighting modes, it not only adds visibility but also serves as a handy directional signal. The reflective strap is breathable and snug, it stays in place without any annoying movement.

Plus, it adds to your visibility, to maximize safety, especially when riding in the dark. The dial fit retention system is easy to use, and helps you achieve a secure fit.

Max size: XL (57-61 cm)

6. Shinmax Bicycle Helmet with Light & Detachable Magnetic Goggles & Removable Sun Visor & Portable Bag

This Shinmax helmet seamlessly blends comfort, safety, and practicality. It’s lightweight with an aerodynamic design, and the visor with magnetic goggles provides good protection from sun glare and light drizzle. 

The USB rechargeable LED light is a standout feature, with three safety red lighting modes for night cycling.

It’s not only bright and effective, but also waterproof, so they work even in wet conditions. The 17 breathable vents keep you cool and reduce air resistance, and prevents excessive sweating.

The adjusting knob at the back makes it easy to customize the fit, and the included backpack adds great for convenient storage. 

Max size: XL (57-62 cm)

7. NHH Adult Bike Helmet – CPSC-Compliant Bicycle Cycling Helmet 

The NHH Adult Bike Helmet is impressively lightweight; the fit is just right for an average-sized head, and the whole setup is well put together.

When it comes to safety, even though I’m not planning on testing it with a crash, it’s labeled as entry-level because it lacks an extra shell covering. Still, it does its main job of keeping the head safe. 

Adjusting it is a breeze with the user-friendly options like the chin strap and the handy dial at the back for that snug fit.

The 22 vent holes help to keep the head cool, and the removable padding and cushioned chin pad are extra comfortable.

This helmet is a winner, nailing that sweet spot between toughness, lightweight feel, and easy-to-use features. Plus, it’s great for those of us with afro hair – fits just right without feeling bulky!

Max size: L (57-61 cm)

How do you wear a bike helmet with Afro hair? 

Prepare your afro hair

Before putting on the helmet, smooth down the hair around the area where the helmet will rest. Putting your hair in cornrows is a good option, but you can go with any hairstyle of your choice, if you don’t quite like cornrows. Preparing your hair helps in minimizing bulk and creating a flatter surface to give the helmet the best fit

You’ll also need to wear a silk or satin cap can help reduce friction between the helmet and Afro hair, to prevent hair breakage or discomfort.

Choose the Right Helmet

Go for one with adjustable fit systems, and is the right size to fit the volume and texture of your Afro hair. It’s important to look for helmets that have adjustable straps, dials, or fitting pads. These adjustable features will allow you to customize the helmet to better accommodate the volume and texture of Afro hair, making sure the fit is both secure and comfortable.

Customize the fit

Most often than not, you’ll need to adjust the size of your helmet to get the best fit. To do this, position the helmet on your head, so that it’s level and not tilted forward or backward. This is the best way to wear a helmet for optimal protection during a crash.

If your helmet has a dial, adjust it to make the helmet tighter or looser. This lets you make precise adjustments to match the shape of your head. 

Adjust the chin straps so they are snug but not overly tight. The straps should form a V-shape under your ears and meet comfortably under your chin. It should be secure but not uncomfortable.

Check for comfort

Your helmet should feel snug without any pressure points or discomfort. It should stay in place when you make normal head movements. Give your head a gentle shake from side to side and up and down. If the helmet stays in place, you’re good to go.

How do I protect 4c hair in my bike helmet?

These are the steps I take to protect my 4c before wearing a helmet:

Smooth it Down:
  • I use bobby pins or a soft hair tie to flatten the hair where the helmet will be. This makes my hair less bulky and gives it a smoother surface.
Wear Protective Styles:
  • Think about wearing protective styles like braids or twists. It helps cut down on friction and keeps your hair from getting tangled while you ride. Personally, I like to wear cornrows, and sometimes mini twists, but you do what works for you. 
Wear a Silk or Satin Cap:
  • And finally, I wear a silk or satin cap over my hair for protection. The cap prevents the helmet from rubbing against my hair, this cuts down on friction and prevents any breakage.

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