Best bike helmets for dreadlocks | Our Top 6 Picks!

Bike helmets for dreadlocks
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If you’ve ever felt the frustration of trying to squeeze your locks into a helmet that just won’t cooperate, you’re not alone. 

Finding a bike helmet that fits well and provides proper protection can be a real challenge when you’ve got a head full of awesome dreadlocks.

I understand the struggle, and I’m here to guide you through the best bike helmets for dreadlocks. 

So, if you’ve been on the lookout for a helmet that won’t cramp your style, keep reading to discover your best helmet options for your hairstyle!

Can you wear a bike helmet with dreadlocks?

Absolutely, you can wear a bike helmet with your dreadlocks, but finding the right helmet that accommodates your hairstyle is key for safety and comfort.

When choosing a helmet that can fit your locs, think about things like size, airflow, and interior padding. 

The right helmet will fit your head well and feel secure. It’s always best to go for helmets with adjustable straps or sizing options to get that snug feel.

Good ventilation is also very important, especially with all that hair, so go for a helmet with a smart airflow system. 

Some helmets even have extra features like channels for your hair or spaces in the padding to fit ponytails, braids, or dreadlocks. These helmets may be better at keeping your hair in check while protecting your head. 

6 Of The Best bike helmets for dreadlocks


Giro Savant Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Max size: L (59-63 cm)

Price at time of publication: $46

The Giro Savant is a solid buy for its quality, comfort, and performance. It’s very lightweight, has great airflow—perfect for hot summer rides.

You won’t even feel like you’re wearing it because it’s so comfortable, and great for long rides.

The fit and finish are really good, with no weird bumps inside. The strap adjusters and the click-wheel on the back make it easy to get a snug fit.

Plus, the Roc Loc 5 fit system lets you adjust it just how you like. It’s also versatile and has an authentic race-inspired style.

What’s cool about this helmet is that it fits larger heads, up to 63 cm, so it’s great for cyclists with dreadlocks.

And for ventilation, the 25 wind tunnel vents with internal channels keep you cool even when it’s very hot outside.


Team Obsidian Airflow Adult Bike Helmet

Max size: XL (61-65 cm)

Price at time of publication: $36.99

The Obsidian is a well-vented and comfortable helmet, it’s easily adjustable, and feels sturdy – a solid choice for any cyclist.

What I love about this helmet is its attention to detail. The sleek matte design gives it a classy appearance, and the washable pads and cushioned chin straps help with the overall comfort. 

With a maximum size of 65 cm, it easily accommodates my dreadlocks, a feature that’s often hard to find.

The aerodynamic shape ensures a snug fit, and the adjustable straps make it easy to customize for a secure and comfortable ride. The detachable visor is a nice bonus, adding versatility to the helmet. 

And with 22 air vents, the airflow is incredible, keeping my head cool during rides. The low-profile, innovative design adds a touch of class; it’s a stylish choice for cyclists.


Updanbike One-Piece Adjustable Bike Helmet

Max size: L (56-63 cm)

Price at time of publication: $19.99

This helmet really stands out for its quality and toughness. The lightweight material makes it extra comfortable for long rides, and the easy-to-use dial and side straps ensure it fits just right for different head sizes.

The knob at the back is handy, and you can easily adjust the helmet size.

What sets this helmet apart is that it’s spacious and can fit heads up to 63 cm, which is perfect for cyclists with dreadlocks. The ventilation is great and lets lots of air breeze through and keep you cool, even on hot days.

The removable visor is a good option for different weather. Also, the soft liner pads and chin pad make it extra comfortable, and the fact that you can remove them for washing is a practical feature. 


Giro Isode MIPS

Cycling Helmet

Max size: L (54-61 cm)

Price at time of publication: $69.95

The Giro Isode MIPS helmet comes at a good price, giving you premium features without breaking the bank. 

With its lightweight in-Mold construction and the Roc Loc Sport MIPS system, it’s easy to get a snug fit with just one hand. I like how versatile it is, and it fits just right with a simple twist of a knob, and the adjustable chin strap adds to its overall ease of use.

The styrofoam protective layer blends well with the shell, and the single-knob size adjustment is seamless, so it’s super easy to customize, especially when you’re in a rush.

This helmet’s ventilation is impressive, and the scuff-resistant shell is both light and sturdy. It also has a big size, with enough room for dreadlocks.


Zacro Bike Helmet with LED Lights & Remote Control

Max size: L (58-61 cm)

Price at time of publication: $35.99

The Zacro bike helmet is another great option for your cycling adventures, bringing together safety, comfort, and style.

It’s a great pick for riders who want a comfy and stylish helmet, especially for city commuting.

You’ll like the rechargeable LED rear light – it’s a good feature for better visibility during night rides or in foggy weather. The user-friendly remote control is a practical feature that adds to the overall convenience of the helmet.

The in-mold technology makes it very lightweight, and the rear dial fit system makes adjusting it a breeze. Also, the soft padding under the chin strap ensures a good fit without any hassle.

And you can easily care for the helmet, thanks to the removable, moisture-wicking, and washable velvet pads.


Urban Bike Helmet with Integrated Taillights

Max size: L (59-61 cm)

Price at time of publication: $36.99

I’m particularly impressed by the comfort of this helmet, especially with my thick hair and big head. It fits so well that sometimes I forget I’m even wearing it.

After several weeks of use, the rear light is still impressively bright, and I haven’t needed to recharge it yet – talk about a long-lasting battery!

The construction is solid, and the adjustable straps make it easy to get the perfect fit. Plus, it’s lightweight, well-ventilated, and has a small visor – ticking all the right boxes for me.

The added replacement pads are thoughtful, and can help to extend the helmet’s lifespan. The rechargeable light on the back has three useful modes, plus it fully charges in just 2 hours and lasts between 6 to 8 hours.

Adjusting this helmet for different head sizes is a breeze, and the comfy chin strap, along with an extra pad, adds to the overall comfort. 

Tips for choosing the best helmets for your dreadlocks

If you’re a cyclist with dreadlocks, it’s important to consider features that accommodate your unique hairstyle while also ensuring your safety and comfort.

Here are some of the most important features to look for in a bike helmet for your locks:

Adjustable Fit Systems

Helmets with adjustable features, like dials or straps, let you customize the fit based on your head and your hair volume.

Since dreads can add volume and change the shape of your head, having the ability to adjust the fit of your helmet will ensure it feels snug and secure.

With adjustable straps or dial, you can customize the fit to match the unique dimensions of your dreads. It’s not just about comfort, but also for safety.

A well-fitted helmet will do a better job of protecting your head during a crash.

Hair Channels or Cutouts

Some helmets have channels or cutouts in the padding to make room for ponytails, braids, or dreadlocks.

These features not only stop any hair-related discomfort but also ensure a better fit.

Hair channels or cutouts also give your dreadlocks the space they need, letting them sit comfortably inside the helmet without getting flattened.

The right helmet for your locks will be comfortable, and strike a balance between safety and personal style.

Helmet Shape

The way a helmet is shaped is important for cyclists with dreadlocks, and helmets that are more rounded work better for big hairstyles.

A helmet with a well-thought-out shape means it sits just right on your head, giving your dreads room to breathe without affecting how it fits overall.

The shape should be all comfy and ergonomic, considering the unique dimensions that come with having dreads.

Also, having thicker and more padding in your helmet is a big deal for cyclists with dreadlocks because it does two things: keeps you comfortable and protects your hair.

When a helmet follows the natural curves of your head, including the volume of your hairstyle, it makes for a cozy and secure fit.

Ventilation system

A well-designed ventilation system is essential for cyclists with dreadlocks to prevent overheating.

Dreads can add extra insulation, meaning that your scalp will very easily sweat and overheat. This makes it even more important to have a helmet with an effective airflow to regulate temperature.

If you have dread, your helmet should have a ventilation system that allows air to circulate and dissipate heat and prevent overheating. 

How to prepare your dreadlocks before wearing a helmet

Preparing your dreadlocks before wearing a helmet can help ensure a more comfortable fit and reduce the risk of hair getting tangled or compressed.

There are a few steps you can take to help ensure that your dreadlocks comfortably fit in your helmet while maintaining a secure fit.

It may require some trial and error to find the hairstyle and helmet combination that works best for you. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Tie Them Back: You can pull your dreadlocks together and tie them in a low ponytail or bun. This helps to spread out the bulk of the hair, so it doesn’t affect how your helmet fits. 
  1. Braid or Twist: If your dreadlocks are long, you can consider braiding or twisting them before putting on the helmet. This can help reduce the overall volume and make it easier to fit in your helmet.
  1. Use a Hairnet or Durag: If you have small locs, you can also wear a hairnet or durag over your hair. This can help compress the hair and make it more manageable under the helmet.
  1. Experiment with Styles: You can play around with different hairstyles to find the specific style that goes well with your helmet. Maybe a side ponytail, braids, or flat twists to keep things neat and tidy.
  1. Adjust the Helmet Size: If your dreadlocks are very thick, you might need a bigger helmet that’ll give you more room to work with. Consider going 1 or 2 sizes up, but make sure the helmet is still snug and secure, as a proper fit is essential for safety.


Are there specific helmets for dreadlocks?

You most likely won’t find helmets labeled as “dreadlock helmets,” but some brands or models come with features that work well for cyclists with longer or thicker hair, like dreadlocks.

When you’re looking for a helmet that works well with your dreads, try out different ones from various brands.

See how they handle your hairstyle. Also, look for helmets with adjustable fit systems and extra space in the padding.

Do women’s helmets work better for dreadlocks?

Women’s helmets, in general, are designed with longer hair in mind, which could work well for those with dreadlocks.

However, it’s better to try on different helmets regardless of your gender to find the best fit for your hair.

How can I prevent my dreadlocks from getting tangled or compressed while wearing a helmet?

You should consider tying your dreadlocks back in a low ponytail or bun before wearing your helmet. You can also experiment with different hairstyles, such as braids or twists, to reduce bulk.

Another thing is to look for helmets with features like hair channels or ponytail ports, but this may not work well with thick and bulky dreads.

Are there specific safety standards for helmets that fit dreadlocks?

Helmets designed to meet general safety standards, such as those set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), are suitable for people with dreadlocks.

Just make sure that the helmet you go for complies with established safety guidelines for optimal protection—like the ones we listed above.

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