Best Cycling Gloves for Mountain Biking

Best cycling gloves for mountain biking
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A good pair of mountain bike gloves does more than just protect your hands in case of a fall; they also improve your grip on the handlebars and reduce hand fatigue during long rides.  

Also, well-fitted cycling gloves can reduce pressure points and generally make long rides more comfortable.

So, if you’re in the market for new mountain biking gloves, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together our top choices for cycling gloves designed specifically for mountain biking. 

Along with our picks, we also offer useful insights to help you make an informed decision in the buying guide section.

Let’s get right to it!

Top 10 Cycling Gloves for Mountain Biking


INBIKE Breathable Mountain Bike Gloves

Price at time of publication: $28

These INBIKE gloves are a great investment for mountain bikers who  want comfort, durability, and style.

The design and fit are perfect, and they are comfortable without causing any restriction. 

They also offer excellent grip on rough trails, and will keep your hands secure on the handlebars. The build quality is great with details, like solid seams and durable materials, to ensure longevity.

They’re resistant to wear, non-slip, and absorb shocks, reducing discomfort during long rides. Being able to use touchscreen devices without removing them is a big plus.

They’re visible, bright, and feel fantastic to wear. I’d suggest sizing up as they run slightly small, but they’re definitely worth it.


NICEWIN Padded Anti-Slip Mountain Biking Gloves

Price at time of publication: $16.99

These NICEWIN gloves deliver great value, blending comfort, functionality, and style with their attractive red accents. 

They are an excellent choice for cooler spring and fall rides, and offer exceptional comfort and just the right amount of palm cushioning to absorb shocks.

The gel padding improves grip and provides added protection in case of falls. Also, they’re touchscreen compatible, and you can easily use your devices without removing the gloves, even in cold weather.

They’re particularly great for individuals with smaller hands, since they fit snugly without excess finger length.

Whether for road cycling, mountain biking, or other outdoor pursuits, the NICEWIN gloves are versatile companions.


Tanluhu Breathable, Shock-Absorbing Mountain Bike Gloves

Price at time of publication: $18.9

The Tanluhu Cycling Gloves for mountain biking have been a great addition to my gear. They’re comfortable, durable, and reasonably priced. I like the finger loops, which make taking them off a breeze. 

These gloves have shielded my palms from falls, and they look good too. The colors match the pictures, which is a nice detail. Made with stretchy mesh cloth, they’re breathable, moisture-wicking, and strong.

Plus, they fit well on different hand sizes. The microfiber wiping on the thumbs is useful for wiping sweat during tough rides, keeping me cool and comfortable.

And the shock absorption feature has really helped reduce hand fatigue and vibrations. These gloves are now a must-have in my biking gear, I don’t ride without them.


Seibertron Dirtclaw BMX Cycling Gloves with Padded Anti-Slip Palms 

Price at time of publication: $20.5

The Seibertron BMX Cycling Gloves fit well, look stylish, and can take abuse. The gloves’ quality is impressive, with convenient flaps aiding easy removal.

Its features include silicone gel padding for shock resistance, anti-slip silicone prints for superior grip, and TPR rubber for impact protection. 

The breathable mesh material will keep your hands dry and cool. The padding is enough since it’s mainly designed to protect the palms and fingers, and the rubber guards on the knuckles and fingers provide added comfort.

My only concern is the absence of a sturdier wrist wrap or strap for added support. However, these gloves perform excellently on the trails.


ROCKBROS Touchscreen MTB Gloves

Price at time of publication: $29.99

The durable ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Gloves perform very well on the trails. The ventilation on the palm and fingers will keep your hands cool and comfortable, while the padding on the palms offers excellent protection from impacts. 

They’re robust and durable, and ideal for rugged terrain. However, they run a bit tight; so consider sizing up for a better fit, especially if you have large hands. 

It has just the right amount of padding, and it reduces hand soreness during long rides. The breathable Lycra fabric and venting holes also help to prevent stuffiness, and a sweat-absorbent mesh improves overall comfort.

With the high-quality rubber protection on the back, these gloves ensure reliable hand safety in case of accidents. 


GEARONIC Cycling Gloves Anti-Slip Mountain Bike Gloves

Price at time of publication: $11.99

The GEARONIC Cycling Gloves are a great choice for mountain and road biking, and they come at a good price. They help reduce shock on rough terrain, and keep your hands comfortable and protected. 

The palm padding is very comfortable in the right places, and the shorter cuffs won’t interfere with your watch buttons.

These gloves have breathable mesh on the back to keep your hands cool during intense rides. The material on the thumb area is soft and thick, great for wiping sweat.

These gloves not only do a great job of protecting your hands, but they also look great. With separate padded foam pads and a fingerless design, they give comfortable support.

They’re suitable for various sports like biking and gym workouts, and you can wash them in the machine for easy cleaning. 


LuxoBike Cycling Gloves for Mountain Biking

Price at time of publication: $17.99

The LuxoBike Cycling Gloves are great for mountain biking, and are both comfortable and durable. They’re well-made and provide a snug fit, which is as close to perfect as I’ve experienced with half-finger gloves. 

Sizing is accurate – I usually wear medium and found these to be true to size. There were a few loose threads around the finger holes, but it didn’t affect their performance.

The padding is great and in the right place, and they reduce numbness and road vibrations while riding. They also come with pull loops to make them easy to take off.

At first, they were a bit tight between the fingers, but they stretched out with use. You can also adjust your hand position to get the most out of the padding.

These are basically great gloves with good quality and comfort for the price.


Giro DND – Men’s MTB Cycling Gloves

Price at time of publication: $25.95

The Giro DND Men’s Cycling Gloves are great for cyclists who want a glove that feels like a second skin. They focus on fit, durability, and control.

With a snug fit around the fingers and minimal padding on the palm, these gloves offer good dexterity without sacrificing comfort. 

It includes features like the brow wipe on the thumb and touch screen compatibility, which are very useful. The gloves have just enough material to absorb vibrations without compromising tactile sensitivity.

They protect well against scratches and provide a good grip on the handlebars. The pleats on the knuckles make it easy to move your fingers for shifting and braking. They’re breathable and stretchy for comfort.

An important thing is they don’t have Velcro straps, so they won’t stick to other clothes in the wash. And you can use your phone without taking them off. These Giro DND gloves are really great for mountain biking.


Tanluhu Mountain Biking Gloves

Price at time of publication: $16.90

The Tanluhu Cycling Gloves are great for mountain biking, with a good fit and high-quality build.

They provide excellent grip and comfort, with the added convenience of touch screen fingertips. They’re also very easy to wear and take off, and the padding on the palm adds extra comfort.

Made from polyester and elastic microfiber, these gloves are tough and keep your hands dry with breathable holes in the palm area where you’re most likely to sweat.

The mesh surface in the palm area adds to the comfort and warmth. They’re wear-resistant, don’t slip, and absorb shocks with 3mm palm pads, which helps to reduce numbness on rough roads.

These are perfect for both cycling and running, and will keep your hands snug and dry, with an elastic cuff to keep out wind and rain. 


INBIKE Fingerless Cycling Gloves for Road & Mountain Biking

Price at time of publication: $25

The INBIKE Fingerless Cycling Gloves strike a balance between protection and flexibility. They have thick yet flexible knuckle protection and enough padding on the palm for long rides. They fit well, feel comfortable, are durable with a high-quality build.

It’s made with a very breathable fabric, which keeps your hands cool and dry. The soft material ensures a snug fit for added comfort. Plus, they reduce numbness and absorb shocks during road cycling.

The thumb patch adds extra durability and helps to reduce hand fatigue. You can easily adjust the tightness with the hook and loop strap. Plus, the loops on the fingers make taking them off a breeze.

Lastly, these gloves are great for cyclists looking for reliable protection and comfort on their mountain biking adventures.

Why Are Cycling Gloves Important For Mountain Biking?

Cycling gloves are important for mountain biking because of the demands of riding off-road. These gloves keep your hands safe in case you fall or crash. 

Since mountain biking often means riding over rough and bumpy trails, there’s a higher chance of injury. But mountain biking gloves are made with sturdy materials and have padding in the right places to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes.

Not only that, but they also help you improve grip on the handlebars, which is important for staying in control, especially on rocky trails. 

Gloves with materials, like silicon, on the palms and fingers make sure you get a good grip, even when it’s wet or muddy. This means you can stay in control of your bike, handle obstacles safely, and react fast to changes in the terrain.

Plus, they make long rides more comfy by reducing hand fatigue. Intense long rides can tire out your hands, but gloves with comfortable designs and padding help ease the strain. 

They also keep your hands warm in cold weather and protect them from wind and rain. And if it’s a hot day, gloves with breathable materials stop your hands from getting too sweaty. 

So, cycling gloves are a must-have for mountain biking. They keep you safe, help you stay in control, and make your rides more comfortable.

How To Choose The Perfect Cycling Gloves For Mountain Biking?

Choosing the right mountain bike gloves will greatly improve your riding experience. You will ride better, stay safe, comfortable and in control of your bike. 

Here are the top features to consider when choosing gloves for biking:


A good fit is really important for mountain biking gloves. It helps you control your bike better and move your fingers easily, especially when you’re riding on tricky trails or using the brakes and gears. 

If the gloves are too loose or too baggy, they might slip around or bunch up, which can make it hard to hold onto the handlebars properly. Plus, if the gloves rub against your skin too much, it can give you blisters or sore spots. 

It’s always best to look for gloves that fit snugly and have stretchy materials like spandex or Lycra. It’s also helpful if they have adjustable straps or cuffs to make them fit your hands just right.


The kind of material used for mountain bike gloves affects how well they work and how long they last.

Synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and spandex are lightweight, breathable, and dry fast, which is good for keeping sweat away and feeling comfortable on long rides. 

They’re also flexible and stretch well, so your hands can move freely. If you want gloves that last longer and have a secure grip, you might want to consider those with leather or synthetic leather on the palms. Since they’re tougher and help you feel the handlebars better. 


Padding in mountain bike gloves acts like a shock-absorber and reduces the pressure and vibrations felt by your hands, especially on bumpy trails or long descents.

This helps prevent your hands from getting tired and uncomfortable, so you can stay focused on riding. 

How much padding you want depends on what feels best for you and how you ride.

Some people like minimal padding because it gives them a more direct contact with the handlebars, while others prefer more padding to ease pressure points and avoid numbness. 

The idea is to find gloves with padding in the right spots like the palm, thumb, and knuckles, and try out different gloves to see which ones strike the right balance between protection and sensitivity.


Good ventilation in mountain bike gloves keeps your hands cool and dry, especially when it’s hot, or on intense rides. This happens because of breathable materials and small holes that let air circulate through the gloves. 

Proper ventilation prevents your hands from overheating and sweating, which can make them uncomfortable and reduce grip.

Good ventilation also stops moisture from building up inside the gloves, which can cause rubbing, blisters, and germs to grow. 

Always go for gloves with mesh or small holes in places where your hands get hot and sweaty, like on the back of the hand and between the fingers.

Also, consider gloves that wick sweat away from your skin to keep your hands feeling clean and dry throughout your rides.


Having a good grip is super important in mountain biking gloves. Because it helps you hold onto the handlebars even when it’s wet or muddy.

Some gloves have silicone or rubber patterns on them to make it easier to grip. 

The perfect gloves should have textures or sticky surfaces for a strong grip that’s still comfortable. Also, think about the kind of biking you do when choosing gloves. 

Different grips work better for different types of riding, like downhill, trail riding, or long-distance biking.


Protection is really important in mountain biking gloves because they help keep your hands safe from bumps, scrapes, and other dangers on the trail. 

Some gloves have extra features like reinforced knuckles or padding to give you more protection. These features absorb shock and spread out the force of impacts, which can lower the chances of injury. 

Also, look for gloves made from abrasion-resistant materials and with reinforced stitching to make sure they last a long time, even with rough use. 

When choosing gloves for protection, go for those that are well-built with extra padding in places where you’re most likely to get hurt, like the knuckles and palms.

Closure system

It’s really important for mountain biking gloves to have a secure closure system. This makes sure they fit well and don’t slip when you’re riding.

If your gloves are properly closed, they won’t slip or bunch up, which helps you keep control of the bike and stay comfortable. 

Different gloves use closure systems like Velcro, elastic, or adjustable straps to help you get the right fit for your hands.

Look for gloves with closures that work well and are easy to use, so you can make sure they fit snugly without being too tight or loose.

Touchscreen compatibility

Mountain biking gloves with touchscreen capability will let you use your phone or GPS without taking them off.

This feature is great for checking maps, tracking your ride, or taking photos on-the-go without getting your hands cold or wet. 

These gloves have special fingertips that work with touchscreens, so you can stay connected while you ride.

When choosing gloves with touchscreen ability, go for ones that are responsive and accurate, so you can use your devices without any hassle.

Weather resistance

Weather-resistant mountain biking gloves keep your hands dry, warm, and safe from bad weather. They prevent rain, mud, or snow from making your hands wet and uncomfortable. Some gloves have waterproof materials, so water doesn’t get through. 

Others have insulation to keep your hands warm in cold weather. Gloves with waterproof layers, coatings that repel water, or insulated linings will keep your hands dry and cozy even when it’s wet or chilly outside.


It’s really important for mountain biking gloves to be sturdy and last a long time because they’re mostly used on rough trails. High-quality gloves made from durable and wear-resistant materials are the best choice. 

The ideal mountain biking gloves should be robust with strong stitching and features that protect against scratches and damage. 

When choosing durable gloves, go for those that are made from materials like synthetic leather or Kevlar, and check for extra tough features like double stitching or reinforced patches on the palms. This helps the gloves last longer and stay in good shape, even with lots of use.


Are gel gloves good for mountain biking?

Gel gloves are good for mountain biking because they give extra cushioning and absorb shocks, which is easier on your hands when riding over rough trails.

The gel padding is put in places like the palms to give support and ease pressure, especially on long rides or steep downhill sections. 

However, some people find gel gloves to be too big or warm, but some others like the extra comfort and protection they provide.

It’s important to try different gloves and think about things like how they fit, how well they grip, if they’re breathable and keep your hands cool when you’re biking.

Do mountain bikers wear fingerless gloves?

Many mountain bikers wear fingerless gloves because they give some protection for your palms and the backs of your hands while still letting your fingers move freely. 

They’re especially great in hot weather or on intense rides, because they let your hands stay cool and give good control of the bike.

Also, they’re handy for things like changing gears or digging into your pockets without taking your gloves off. 

How do you know if your gloves are too big?

You can tell if your gloves are too big if they feel loose or if there’s extra material, especially around your fingers or palm. When gloves are too big, they may slip around and make it difficult to firmly hold onto the handlebars. 

Also, if it’s hard to use the controls or if the fingers of the gloves are too long and go past your fingertips, it means the gloves are too big.

Gloves that fit well should feel snug but not too tight, and they let you move your fingers comfortably with enough control. 

If you’re not sure about your glove size, try different sizes or styles until you find gloves that fit nicely and give you the comfort and control you need for mountain biking.

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