Best Cycling Gloves for Spring and Fall

Best cycling gloves for spring and fall
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The right pair of cycling gloves can make riding in the cooler months of Spring and Autumn much more comfortable.

As the weather changes, it’s important to have the right gloves for comfort and performance on your rides. Spring and fall can bring unpredictable weather, like cool mornings, changing temperatures, and maybe some rain.

To help you handle these seasons, we’ve put together a list of top cycling gloves for spring and fall. These gloves keep your hands comfortable and functional with the right mix of warmth, breathability, and protection.

Keep reading to find out which gloves will make your spring and fall rides much better!

The 5 Best Cycling Gloves for Spring and Fall


GripGrab Ride Windproof Spring/Fall Gel Padded Cycling Gloves

Price at time of publication: $35.99

The GripGrab Ride Windproof Cycling Gloves strike a perfect balance between warmth and ventilation.

They’re 100% windproof, and will protect your hands from chilly air while still allowing excess heat to escape to prevent overheating. Despite their windproof design, they’re breathable and comfortable. 

What sets these gloves apart is their versatility, suitable for all types of cycling and seasons. While they’re not waterproof, they can withstand light showers and road spray, which means they’re ideal for spring and fall rides.

The touchscreen-compatible thumb allows you to use your phone without removing the gloves, while reflective elements improve visibility in traffic.

These gloves also come with easy-on slip-on cuffs and anti-slip silicone prints on the palm to add to the convenience and grip. 


DexShell Windproof

Waterproof Gloves for Spring & Autumn

Price at time of publication: $35.99

If you prioritize waterproofing and warmth over touchscreen compatibility, these gloves are a reliable choice for outdoor activities in spring and fall.

The DexShell Gloves are 100% waterproof and will keep your hands dry even in unfriendly weather.

The gloves are warm and provide excellent protection against cold wind and water, which makes them great for various outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or dog walking in colder seasons.

The silicon palm dotting provides a reliable grip in wet conditions, to ensure stability during tasks. However, the touch screen fingertips could be improved as they don’t work well, and you might need to remove the gloves to use your phone.

Despite this drawback, the gloves provide enough warmth and will effectively protect your hands from the elements.


ROCKBROS Cycling Gloves for Spring, Autumn Breathable Sports Gloves

Price at time of publication: $17.99

The ROCKBROS Cycling Gloves are a must-have for spring and fall cycling adventures. Their airy design allows for ample airflow to keep your hands cool and dry even during longer rides.

The touch screen capability on the fingers works really well, so you can use your devices without hassle. Also, the padding is just right—not too thick to hinder movement, but enough to provide comfort and grip on the handlebars.

These gloves are also perfect for summer riding because they effectively wick away sweat and prevent hand fatigue. The rubbery silk screen printed dots and lines on the palm add extra grip to improve control while cycling.

Although they’re not intended for cold weather or winter use, they are perfect for spring and fall cycling when temperatures are milder. 


FORBEMK 2-Pack Windproof Spring Mountain Bike Gloves

Price at time of publication: $19.99

With their external windproof design and lightweight build, these gloves keep your hands protected from chilly winds while still allowing for breathability and airflow.

The carbon cloth palm provides excellent grip on the handlebars to ensure stability on off-road trails.

An impressive feature is the sweat-wicking wipe on the thumb, which comes in handy for wiping away moisture during intense rides. Also, the touchscreen-compatible silicone fingertips will let you use your devices without removing the gloves.

The adjustable TPR wrist closure ensures a secure and personalized fit, while the hook and loop backing make them easy to put on and take off.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for reliable cycling gloves that excel in various outdoor activities during spring and fall.


UPANBIKE Half Finger Spring/Autumn Cycling Gloves

Price at time of publication: $14.99

The versatility of these Spring and Fall cycling gloves makes them perfect for a variety of outdoor activities like cycling, running, and motorcycling during milder seasons.

They strike the perfect balance between warmth and breathability, great for those in areas with cool but not overly cold temperatures. The gloves are lightweight and foldable, and convenient to carry in a pocket or pack for spontaneous outings.

Their enhanced grip increases friction to ensures a secure hold on the handlebars. Also, the easy-to-pull strips on the fingertip makes it easy to remove the gloves.

And the natural curved fingers design improves comfort and breathability, while the superfine fiber and silica gel pads provide protection against injuries. 

These gloves really provide comfort, convenience, and protection, and are a valuable addition to your gear collection for spring and fall adventures.

How to choose the best cycling gloves for Spring/Autumn

When choosing cycling gloves for Spring and Autumn, you need to think about what’s important: protection, comfort, and how well they perform in different weather. 

Here’s a guide to help you choose the best gloves for cycling in Spring and Fall:

Weather Resistance

Spring and Autumn cycling gloves need to protect your hands from wind and light rain. 

The weather can change quickly in these seasons, so it’s important to have gloves that keep out light rain and chilly winds to stay comfortable while you ride. 

So, it’s best to look for gloves made of materials like softshell fabrics or water-resistant synthetic materials. Gloves with a DWR coating can help repel water and keep your hands dry. 

The Dexshell Cycling Gloves are a good choice for Spring and Autumn because it’s windproof with a water-resistant membrane inner-lining to keep your hands safe in different weather.


Cycling gloves need just enough insulation in Spring and Autumn to keep your hands warm without making them too hot. 

These seasons have changing temperatures, so gloves with light insulation are best. You need gloves with fleece or brushed fabric lining to feel snug but still let your hands breathe. 

The FORBEMK Windproof MTB Gloves are perfect for Spring and Autumn rides because they are made with metallic fiber, which helps to trap heat and keep your hands comfortable in fluctuating temperatures. 

These gloves will keep your hands comfortable in the cold without making them feel bulky, so you can still move your fingers easily.


In Spring and Autumn, it’s vital to wear gloves that let your hands breathe to stop them from getting sweaty and uncomfortable while you ride. 

Good gloves keep you warm, but also let any extra heat and moisture out so you don’t get too hot and sticky. 

You need gloves that are made of breathable stuff like lightweight mesh or fabrics that soak up sweat, which helps air flow around your hands. 

The Rockbros SBR Anti-slip Cycling Gloves have a mesh back and tiny holes in the palm that help air move, keeping your hands cool and dry during rides in Spring and Autumn.

Fit and Comfort

Good cycling gloves, that actually fit your hands and are comfortable, make riding in Spring and Fall more fun. 

They need to fit just right so you can move your hands easily and control your bike well. If they’re too tight, they can hurt your hands by stopping blood flow. And if they’re too loose, they might rub against your skin and cause blisters.

Gloves with stretchy cuffs and a design that fits your hand nicely are often the best. Also, find gloves with soft, sweat-wicking material inside to keep your hands comfy. 

The GripGrab Ride Windproof Spring & Fall Gel Padded Cycling Gloves are a great choice because it fits well, has extra padding, and lets your hands breathe during long rides.

Grip and Padding

Good gloves for cycling in Spring and Autumn need to have a good grip and padding. The grip helps you hold onto the handlebars, especially when it’s wet outside. The padding makes the gloves more comfortable and stops your hands from feeling sore after a long ride. 

Gloves with tough materials on the palms and fingers, like synthetic leather or silicone grippers, help to improve your grip. Also, gloves with extra padding in important spots, like the palms and thumbs, can make longer rides more comfy. 

The GripGrab Ride Gel Padded Cycling Gloves are a great choice because it has silicone print gripper palms and gel padding in the right places for a better grip on the handlebars and more control.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Cycling gloves that work with touchscreens are useful in Spring and Fall. They let you use your phone or GPS without taking off your gloves. 

You might want to check maps, switch music, or answer calls while riding in these seasons, so gloves that work with touchscreens are very useful since they let you use your devices without any trouble. 

The GripGrab Ride Gel Padded Cycling Gloves are great for Spring and Fall because they work with touchscreens and are stretchy and weather-resistant.


It’s important to be seen when riding in Spring and Autumn, especially when it’s dark. Gloves with bright colors or reflective parts can help drivers and other riders notice you, which makes accidents less likely. 

Look for gloves with reflective elements on the back or fingers, and go for colors like neon yellow or orange that are easy to see in dim light. 

How To Care For And Clean Your Cycling Gloves

Taking care of your cycling gloves keeps them working well for longer. Here’s a simple guide on how to care for your gloves:

Clean Regularly: 
  • Wash your gloves often to get rid of sweat, dirt, and oils. Use mild soap and warm water, and scrub any dirty spots gently.
Dry Carefully: 
  • After washing, gently squeeze out the water. Don’t twist or wring them, as it can harm the fabric. Lay them flat to dry on a towel away from sunlight or heat.
No Harsh Chemicals: 
  • Don’t use strong cleaning agents like bleach because they can damage your gloves and make them less effective.
  • Keep your gloves in a cool, dry place away from sunlight when you’re not using them. Don’t fold or squeeze them, as it can damage the fabric.
Protect Your Hands: 
  • If your gloves have delicate parts like gel padding, you can use a mesh bag or a pillowcase to wash them safely.
Special Cases: 
  • Some gloves may need special care. So, always check the instructions from the manufacturer to be sure on how to care and maintain them.

Should cycling gloves be tight or loose?

Cycling gloves should fit just right—not too tight or too loose. If gloves are too tight, they can make your hands feel uncomfortable or numb by cutting off circulation. 

But if they’re too loose, they might rub against your skin and cause irritation or blisters. When they fit well, they stay in place and make you feel comfortable and in control during your ride. 

So, look for gloves that fit snugly around your palms and fingers without feeling too tight. This way, you can move your hands easily, hold onto the handlebars firmly, and manage your bike without any trouble.

How do I know my hand size for gloves?

To know your hand size for gloves:

  • Measure around the widest part of your hand, usually across your knuckles, without including your thumb.
  • Use a flexible tape measure to wrap around your hand, making sure it’s snug but not too tight.
  • Write down the measurement in inches or centimeters.
  • Check the glove manufacturer’s sizing chart to find which glove size matches your hand measurement. Some brands might have a printable hand measurement guide to help you find your glove size easily.

Here’s a standard sizing chart for cycling gloves:

Hand Circumference (inches)Hand Circumference (centimeters)Glove Size
6 – 6.515 – 16.5XS
6.5 – 716.5 – 18S
7 – 7.518 – 19M
7.5 – 819 – 20.5L
8 – 8.520.5 – 21.5XL
8.5 – 921.5 – 23XXL

You should know that these are not universal sizes, and different brands will have slightly different sizes. So it’s important to always refer to the specific sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

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