My Top 8 Essentials For Winter Cycling

Essentials for Winter Cycling
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As someone who genuinely enjoys cycling, even in winter, I know firsthand the importance of wearing appropriate gear while cycling.

It’s no secret that most people shy away from winter cycling, probably because of the unfriendly weather and potential risks. 

But here’s the thing – with the right set of gear, including proper layers of clothing to keep you warm and dry to the accessories that improve safety and visibility, cycling in winter can be safe and even fun.

In this article, I’ll be diving into my top winter cycling essentials that will make your rides not only bearable but actually enjoyable in the colder months.

And I’ll also be giving recommendations for my favorite items that have served me well over the years.

So, if you want to make your winter cycling experience more comfortable and fun, keep reading to discover my top picks on essential gear for winter commute.

My Top 8 Essential Bike Accessories for Winter Cycling

1. Winter Bike Helmet

We all know how important a bike helmet is when cycling. And besides the usual protection it gives, winter brings its own set of challenges like icy roads and snowy days that can reduce your visibility.

A dedicated winter bike helmet often comes with special features like a visor or extra insulation, which helps shield your face and eyes from cold winds and potential frostbite.

Plus, some of these winter helmets have specific design features that help with better airflow, they’re able to keep your head at just the right temperature, so your head doesn’t get too cold. 

The Smith Signal Cycling Helmet is one of my favorite helmets for winter cycling, and has impressed me with its lightweight design, sturdy build, and customizable fit.

Smith Signal Cycling Helmet — with MIPS Technology

This is one of the best helmets I’ve tried, and I truly recommend it, plus it comes at a reasonable price.

If you’re familiar with MIPS Brain Protection System, you’ll know that it offers extra head protection by reducing rotational forces during impacts.

The lightweight design, ample vents, and stylish look make it standout. And the adjustable fit ensures comfort, even for slightly larger heads.

You can also do micro-adjustments with the straps for perfect fit. 

ILM Multi-sport Helmet — Cycling, Skiing, Skateboarding, etc. 

The ILM Multi-sport helmet is a versatile helmet, designed to be used for multiple sports.

Its removable earmuffs provide comfort and warmth, while the front and back vents ensure optimal air circulation, preventing overheating.

The visor and air vent system add to the comfort, and the helmet’s adherence to CPSC, ASTM, and CE safety standards guarantees powerful protection.

Whether on an E-bike, Moped, or during winter sports like skiing, this helmet excels in comfort and safety across various sports. 

2. Thermal Skull Cap

Wearing a thermal skull cap is a must to keep your head warm during cold-weather rides. A thermal skull cap not only provides warmth but also wicks away moisture, and prevents sweat from making your head cold and uncomfortable. 

Thermal skull caps for winter are often made from insulating materials like fleece or synthetic blends that provide warmth while effectively managing moisture. 

These caps are designed to fit comfortably under your helmet, providing an extra layer of insulation without compromising safety.

Here are my hand-picked favorites for winter cycling skull caps and helmet liners:

Hikenture Skull Cap Helmet Liner with Glasses Holes

The Hikenture Skull Cap is a winter essential that impressively delivers warmth despite its thin design. Even in freezing temperatures around 0°C, my face felt the chill, but this cap kept my head and ears very warm. 

Its slim profile allows for a seamless fit under a bicycle helmet, ensuring comfort without compromising safety.

And you can fit your winter cycling glasses through the “glasses holes” for better comfort and convenience.

This cap is not waterproof, but it’s snug and elastic fit will keep your ears warm during extended outdoor activities.

Its high-quality material doesn’t itch, and the overall comfort and warmth make it an ideal choice for winter cycling.

TSLA Men and Women Thermal Fleece Skull Cap

The TSLA Thermal Fleece Skull Cap lives up to its promise, it effectively traps heat where it matters most. This cap is a reliable companion for winter activities like walking, snow shoveling, and cycling. 

It has a snug fit that protects against the cold without being bulky.

The synthetic micro-fleece fabric provides noticeable warmth in sub-freezing conditions, which makes it ideal for chilly days. It’s very comfortable under a bike helmet, and conveniently covers the head and both ears.

Overall, TSLA maintains its reputation for delivering quality products, and this thermal skull cap proves no exception.

3. Insulated Cycling Jacket

A solid winter cycling jacket will keep you warm, comfortable, and ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

This jacket should be waterproof and windproof to protect you from cold winds or snow, breathable with sufficient ventilation, and insulated enough to keep you warm.

Your ideal winter cycling jacket should also have handy pockets in good spots, preferably with waterproof zippers, so you can stash things like your phone, keys, or snacks.

It’s also important to check for reflective elements or bright features, especially if you’re riding when it’s dark, so drivers and other cyclists can see you. 

The Baleaf Women’s Thermal Windproof cycling jacket is my top choice for women’s winter cycling jackets. I’ve also included a great option for my male audience, also from the same brand. 

BALEAF Women’s Thermal Windproof Cycling Jacket 

This cold weather cycling jacket has a solid build-quality and offers great value. It effectively blocks the wind and will keep you warm even in 30-degree weather. 

The fit is a bit loose, which is great for wearing more layers. It leaves some room for air between the jacket and my jersey.

And it also has a full zipper for when you need to cool down and a flap inside to keep you warm.

Plus, the collar is high and comfy. The pockets are great. There are two on the sides and one at the back, which are perfect for a phone, snacks, and other essentials.

It means you don’t have to carry a backpack. Overall, it’s a solid pick for cold-weather biking without breaking the bank.

BALEAF Men’s Winter Cycling Jacket

This is another excellent choice for winter commuting; it’s both warm and windproof, thanks to its three-layer insulation. The outer layer keeps the chill out, the middle layer lets you breathe, and the inner fleece feels cozy without making you sweat.

With four pockets, including side zippers and roomy rear pockets, it’s got space for your essentials and cold-weather gear like gloves and a neck gaiter.

The high collar offers great neck coverage, and its stretchy fit means you can layer up comfortably.

Plus, the reflective trim will keep you visible in low light. Overall, it’s great quality and well worth the investment for winter rides. 

4. Winter Cycling Goggles

The best way to protect your eyes is by wearing wraparound sunglasses or cycling goggles with anti-fog coatings to keep your vision clear in the cold. 

Winter cycling goggles are essential for winter cycling. These glasses act like a shield against the wind, debris, and UV rays, so your eyes don’t get dried out or messed up. 

Here’s my top recommendations for winter cycling goggles:

Outdoor Master OTG Ski Goggles – 100% UV Protection

The Outdoor Master goggles are a fantastic investment for winter activities, especially for those who wear glasses. 

The lens technology provides crystal-clear vision in varying lighting conditions, without optical distortion, whether you’re in bright sunlight or overcast areas.

The goggles fit comfortably over glasses, and the soft foam against the face adds to their overall comfort.

For the price, they offer excellent quality, a stylish appearance, and a variety of color options. 

Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggles – Protects from Wind, Snow, & Rain

The Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggle is compact, ultra-lightweight, and a reliable choice for winter commuting. 

Their sleek and lightweight design fits comfortably under a bike helmet, and the distortion-free lenses ensure a clear view with excellent peripheral vision.

The multi-layer foam and non-slip headband contribute to all-day comfort, while anti-fog ventilation holes and scratch-resistant lenses enhance overall durability.

These goggles strike a great balance, being compact yet offering a panoramic view.

5. Winter Cycling Gloves

Keeping your hands warm while cycling in winter starts by getting good winter cycling gloves that have insulation, can handle moisture to tackle the cold, with a windproof and waterproof layer to handle wind, rain, or snow. 

Insulated gloves with windproof and waterproof features protect your hands from freezing temperatures, and allow for enough flexibility for comfortable riding. 

The best insulated cycling gloves for cold weather are made with materials like Thinsulate, and fleece lining. I prefer gloves with touchscreen compatibility, so you can use your devices without exposing your hands to the cold.

Here’s my top recommendations for winter cycling gloves:

HANDLANDY Thermal Winter Gloves for Men & Women

HANDLANDY Winter Gloves are my top pick if you want comfy and quality gloves for chilly days. They’re great for winter commuting, and will keep your hands warm. 

Their design helps reduce vibrations and the bumpy feel from the road, cutting down on hand strain and numbness when you’re cycling or working.

Plus, you can use your phone easily with these gloves on, with no need to take them off. With cozy fleece liners, these gloves nail the sweet spot between staying warm and having nimble fingers.

They’re light but tough, which makes them a good fit for hiking, cycling, and running. These are very practical and comfortable gloves for cyclists who enjoy cold weather cycling.

FanVince Touchscreen Water-Resistant Windproof Thermal Winter Gloves

These gloves are also great, and they keep you warm without sacrificing functionality. They really hit the mark for keeping your hands warm, and being able to use your phone with them on is very convenient.

They fit just right, not bulky at all, so they’re great for driving, cycling and other activities.

The waterproof layer between the outside and the warm inside will keep your hands dry whether you’re biking, running, or walking the dog. Plus, the windproof material and insulation keep the cold out.

They come in different sizes, but for the ladies, you might want to go a size down for a better fit, since they’re a bit roomy. Overall, these gloves are a solid pick for keeping warm and staying active.

6. Waterproof Shoe Covers or Insulated Cycling Shoes

Waterproof shoe covers are not absolutely necessary for winter cycling, but they sure make things a lot cozier and safer. 

These covers keep your feet warm, dry, and protected from the biting cold and wet weather. Waterproof shoe covers keep out rain, snow, and any road splashes, so your feet stay nice and dry. They’re also insulated, so they provide warmth without compromising on performance

I recently tried out this CXWXC Waterproof Cycling Shoe Cover for my winter commutes, and I must say, they’re worth every penny.

CXWXC Cycling Shoe Covers Neoprene Waterproof Overshoes

These shoe covers kept my feet dry and surprisingly warm, even in temperatures around 40F. The build-quality feels solid with its sturdy stitching, reinforced seams, and that tough kevlar base to ensure longevity.

The combination of neoprene, nylon, rubber, and kevlar on the outside, paired with microfleece polyester inside, does an excellent job of shielding against dampness and cold.

Plus, getting them on and off is a breeze with the side zipper and storm flap.

I also appreciate the 37mm rubber velcro strap—it not only keeps things snug but makes them versatile for activities like a variety of outdoor winter sports. And lastly, the reflective logo is a nice touch for riding in low-light conditions. 

7. Waterproof Bike Light

Waterproof bike lights are a must-have for staying seen and safe when you’re riding in the winter, especially with the shorter daylight hours and potentially dangerous weather. 

The fog, snow, and gloomy weather makes it easy to blend into the background and risk accidents with others on the road. 

Having waterproof bike lights means they’ll remain functional, even in rain or snow, so you can be sure that every other road user can see you.

Plus, front and rear lights, along with some reflective elements, creates a full-on lighting setup that announces your presence on the road, and helps avoid any close calls.

Here are the best bike lights on Amazon for winter commuting:

New 6 Waterproof LED 9500 Lumen Bike Light

This is one of my favorite bike lights, and it exceeded my expectations, especially for winter commuting. 

The wide beam and super bright light makes it easy to see, even in the snow. It has 10 modes, including a strong SOS one, which is very handy.

The battery lasts more than 36 hours on one charge, and the power bank function is a convenient bonus.

It also has a tough aluminum casing and waterproof design, meaning that it’ll work well in any weather. It’s a high-quality bike light with great features and a lifetime warranty. 

Victoper 8 Waterproof LED Bike Light

Victoper 8 is a versatile and eco-friendly choice for any riding conditions, especially winter.

This is a flexible and very bright light with six different light modes, an easy installation, and a rechargeable feature.

The countdown timer is a nice touch, and very handy for keeping track of battery life. Plus, it’s rechargeable and made of sturdy aluminum alloy, so it’s certain to last.

It also has a shockproof design and IPX5 waterproof rating, both add to the durability. 

8. Waterproof Bike Phone Mount

I like to use my phone as a GPS tracker or map and track my rides. If you also do this, then you’ll know why a waterproof bike phone mount is an absolute necessity for cycling.

A bike phone mount also means you can easily stay connected and accessible during rides. You can quickly answer calls, respond to messages, or change your music playlist without fumbling in your pockets or risking dropping your phone while on the move.

Here are my favorite waterproof bike phone mounts on Amazon:

ROCKBROS Waterproof Bike Phone Mount 

The ROCKBROS is known for their extensive line-up of high-quality cycling gears, and this bike phone mount is another excellent product from this brand. 

It has a sturdy build and is easy to install, thanks to the very handy velcro straps. This bag is very spacious and will comfortably hold essentials like keys, wallet, and glasses case, etc. 

The clear and high-sensitive screen lets you use your phone easily while it stays firmly on the handlebars.

Plus, it’s made with a water-resistant material and careful stitching to keep everything it contains dry, no matter the weather. It’s great for winter rides.

WOLFILIST Waterproof Touchscreen Bike Phone Holder

This bag has an impressive design and build-quality, it’s both waterproof and durable. It’s also easy to install on a bike, plus the mounting system is secure and stable.

The touch-sensitive and clear design, especially the Face ID feature that makes using the phone during rides easy.

Plus, the hidden earphone slot lets you take calls or listen to music while cycling.

It’s a perfect fit for mountain biking or commuting, with room for snacks or repair tools; definitely a must-have for casual riders.

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