9 Best Men’s Winter Cycling Jackets 

Men's winter waterproof cycling jackets
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Choosing a solid men’s winter cycling jacket is all about finding one that keeps you warm, comfortable, and ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

First, you need to prioritize jackets that are well insulated to retain body heat but still let your body breathe, and effectively wick away sweat. 

Look for materials that are both windproof and waterproof, so you’re good against chilly breezes and unexpected rain or snow. 

A good winter cycling jacket usually comes with a cozy thermal lining or fleece inside to keep you warm without feeling stiff. It should also fit snug around your waist, has adjustable cuffs, and a high collar to keep out the cold and keep you warm on your rides.

Another thing to consider is how practical a jacket is. For instance, a good winter cycling jacket should have handy pockets in good spots, preferably with waterproof zippers, so you can stash things like your phone, keys, or snacks. 

It’s also important to check for reflective elements or bright features, especially if you’re riding when it’s dark, so drivers and other cyclists can see you. 

Lastly, consider what you specifically need for your rides – like how hard and how long you’re pedaling – and pick a jacket that finds the right balance between keeping you warm and letting your skin breathe. 

Keep reading to discover the best men’s winter cycling jackets that will keep you warm, dry, so you can enjoy your winter rides without freezing or getting wet.

9 of the Best Men’s Winter Cycling Jackets

ARSUXEO Winter Warm UP Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket

This biking jacket is a standout choice for winter commuting, especially on cool days. It has a three-layered fabric design to effectively block wind and keep you warm. 

ARSUXEO Winter Warm UP Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket Windproof Waterproof 15-k

The outer windbreaker layer repels moisture and stains, while the waterproof middle layer ensures breathability. Plus, the soft fleece inner layer adds comfort.

This jacket has very handy storage options, including a front zipper pocket and a rear pocket. Plus, the extended cuffs and reflective elements on both sides add to its functionality and safety.

However, it’s worth noting that it only has a small chest pocket and no additional front pockets. Overall, it’s a comfortable and functional option for cycling in cold weather.

BALEAF Men’s Winter Cycling Jacket

This is another excellent choice for winter commuting; it’s both warm and windproof, thanks to its three-layer insulation.

BALEAF Men's Winter Jacket Windproof Softshell Thermal Warm Pockets Cycling Running Mountain Biking Cold Weather Gear

The outer layer keeps the chill out, the middle layer lets you breathe, and the inner fleece feels cozy without making you sweat.

With four pockets, including side zippers and roomy rear pockets, it’s got space for your essentials and cold-weather gear like gloves and a neck gaiter.

The high collar offers great neck coverage, and its stretchy fit means you can layer up comfortably. Plus, the reflective trim will keep you visible in low light. Overall, it’s great quality and well worth the investment for winter rides.

BALEAF Men’s Waterproof Windbreaker Jacket 

Another excellent choice from BALEAF. This waterproof cycling jacket is a winner for winter commuting and various outdoor activities. 

BALEAF Men's Rain Jacket Waterproof Windbreaker Running Cycling Golf Hiking Gear Hood Lightweight Reflective Packable

Despite its lightweight design, the jacket offers impressive warmth and protection from the rain.

You’ll really love the functional details like the adjustable hem, elastic cuffs, and the handy pockets that seal well to keep out moisture. The ventilation system is spot-on, so you don’t get too sweaty, especially over a thermal shirt.

Plus, the bright color and high visibility are a bonus for those early morning rides in the dark. It’s a lightweight, breathable, and functional choice that’s perfect for wet and chilly conditions.

Wantdo Men’s Winter Cycling Thermal Jacket 

The Wantdo men’s softshell jacket is a top pick for winter commuting and outdoor activities. Its wind-resistant fabric and soft fleece interior will keep you warm and cozy, while the breathable lining prevents overheating and moisture build-up.

wantdo Men's Winter Cycling Thermal Jacket Warm Soft Shell Windproof Running Jacket Waterproof Fleece Windbreaker Reflective

I love the fit—it’s longer than a typical jersey and allows room for extra layers, but not too puffy. The high-visibility color is also a safety plus, especially on busy roads.

Plus, the well-placed pockets are handy for storing essentials like my phone and water supplements.

The jacket strikes a great balance between warmth, comfort, and functionality, which makes it a reliable choice for chilly rides and adventures.

Przewalski Cycling Jackets for Men 

Right off the bat, you can tell that this is a quality piece. This jacket feels durable and reliable for cold weather rides. 

Przewalski Cycling Bike Jackets for Men Winter Thermal Running Jacket Windproof Breathable Reflective Softshell Windbreaker

It’s comfortable, warm, and keeps out the wind, thanks to its high neck collar and elastic cuffs.

The variety of pockets, including a chest zipper pocket and two at the back, make storing essentials like a smartphone or keys very convenient.

There’s also a full-length zipper for letting in some air when needed. This jacket is good for light rain, but might not hold up in heavier downpours. It’s a very comfy and functional jacket for winter cycling.

INBIKE Men’s Windproof Cycling Jacket

This jacket fits comfortably well with ample room for movement, which is ideal for winter commuting. 

INBIKE Men's Windproof Cycling Bike Jacket Winter Softshell Jackt for Running Hiking Sports

The two-sided polar fleece inside feels smooth and provides excellent warmth. I love the feel of the inner fleece lining, and they warm up quickly. 

The mesh-cloth pockets let in air which helps with ventilation, while the full zip allows for easy layering. The added reflective stripes and logo improve visibility in dark or gloomy weather, which is great for safety.

It’s a versatile and functional jacket suitable for various outdoor activities like cycling, running, and jogging.

BALEAF Men’s Winter Cycling Water-Resistant Jacket 

Baleaf really knows how to make quality stuff, and this jacket is exceptionally well-made. I love the quality of the jacket. It’s both warm and flexible, and a very reliable choice for various riding conditions.

BALEAF Men's Winter Cycling Jackets Water Resistant Thermal Running Softshell Jacket Warm Cold Weather Pockets

Its windproof design, especially on the arms, keeps you warm during winter commutes, while the mesh panels help with ventilation when needed. 

You’ll love the thoughtful pocket placement and size; they’re perfect for holding essentials like a phone and the rear pocket can hold a water bottle, and you can easily access these items even while riding.

It also comes with reflective strips that add a layer of safety for low-light conditions, and the stretchy panels ensure a comfortable, non-restrictive fit.

Men’s Cycling Running Waterproof Jacket 

This waterproof jacket features an adjustable hood to block out rain, wind, and cold. It’s a fully seam-sealed cycling jacket that offers breathability through back vents, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. 

Men's Cycling Running Rain Jacket Lightweight Waterproof Biking Hiking Windbreaker Raincoat Reflective Packable

It comes with multiple pockets, including waterproof zippers on the front and a large back pocket, convenient for storing essentials.

While it’s lightweight and easy to pack, the zipper quality is average. The hood, although non-detachable, fits well over a helmet and remains steady during faster rides.

Overall, it’s a lightweight, breathable, and effective jacket for keeping you dry in wet weather.

BALEAF Men’s Waterproof Windbreaker For Running Cycling 

If you need a light jacket that keeps you dry in heavy rain, this is the one for you. This jacket is both lightweight and waterproof, it’s durable yet comfortable for active use.

BALEAF Men's Light Running Hiking Rain Jacket Waterproof with Hood Windbreaker Pullover Coats Hoodie Packable

Its features include waterproof pockets, a hidden hood, and adjustable cuffs. The full-zip front offers ventilation without irritating your chin, while its roomy fit makes it versatile for layering in colder weather.

Plus, the reflective logo improves visibility during low-light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety for outdoor activities.

It’s basically a solid, comfortable and reliable jacket for cold weather cycling, and a range of other outdoor activities.

What Do You Wear When Cycling In The Winter? 

Cycling in winter means you have to think about layers to stay warm, dry, and comfortable. 

It’s always best to start with a base layer that’s made of moisture-wicking materials, like merino wool or other fabrics, to keep you dry. 

For the mid-layer, wear something like a fleece jacket or thermal jersey that’ll trap heat close to your body, and keep you warm. 

Finally, top it off with a waterproof, windproof jacket that lets your skin breathe but keeps rain and cold wind out. That way, you stay warm and protected from whatever the weather throws at you.

Here’s a list of what to wear for winter cycling:

Base Layer: 
  • Moisture-wicking long-sleeve shirts or cycling-specific base layers to manage sweat and maintain warmth.
  • Thermal jerseys, fleece jackets, or insulating vests to provide you with extra warmth and insulation.
Cycling Jacket: 
  • A waterproof, windproof, and breathable cycling jacket designed for winter weather.
Cycling Tights or Pants: 
  • Thermal or fleece-lined cycling tights or pants to protect your legs from cold temperatures, wind, and moisture.
Cycling Gloves: 
  • Insulated, waterproof, and windproof cycling gloves or mittens to protect your hands and maintain dexterity.
  • A thermal or fleece-lined cycling cap or balaclava to cover your head, ears, and neck, retaining heat and protecting against wind chill.
  • Moisture-wicking, thermal cycling socks to keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.
Shoe Covers: 
  • Waterproof and insulated shoe covers or booties to protect your feet and footwear from rain, snow, and cold winds.
Eye Protection: 
  • Polarized or clear cycling glasses or goggles to shield your eyes from wind, debris, and potential glare from snow or ice.
Reflective Gear: 
  • Reflective vests, bands, or stickers to enhance visibility in low-light conditions and ensure safety on roads.

By layering properly and choosing the right clothes for winter cycling, you will stay warm and comfy while enjoying rides during colder months. 

Also, think about adjusting what you wear depending on the weather, how intense your ride is, and what feels good to you. This way, you’ll have a blast cycling in the cold.

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