Best Bikes

Finding the Best Bike makes all the difference!

Our team of enthusiastic cyclists set out to help you find the best bikes for a better biking experience. We research the market, review and compare features and performance, and put together the best selection of bikes for you.

You can navigate to the category that best fits your needs.

Road Bikes

To feel safe, secure, and happy when cycling, you’ll need a road bike that is durable, well-made, and most importantly, comfortable. The more comfortable and enjoyable your rides are, the more likely you are to continue cycling as a long-term activity.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are made to be tough enough to tackle rough trails, and also protect your body from big impacts and bumps on the trail. Mountain biking is an expense sport, but you can find sturdy MTBs that fit your pocket and riding style. 

Hybrid Bikes

Depending on your skill level and riding style, you may be looking for specific types of bikes (hybrid bikes, folding bikes, touring bikes, city bikes, etc.) so we’ve reviewed them for you.

Electric Bikes

E-bikes can be speedy and efficient, and if you love to commute or get around with those, we’ve reviewed some of the best electric bikes for you. 

Gear and Accessories

Here are some essential gear and accessories you need to get the most out of your cycling adventures.

  • Must-have road bike accessories 
  • Minimalist bike-packing gear list 
  • Best bike touring accessories
  • Cycling clothes for beginners

With all the guides and resources we put together, we’re confident that you will find the best bikes and right gear to dial up your biking experience.