7 Best bike helmets with built-in light for high visibility

Best bike helmets with built-in lights for high visibility
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Every cyclist knows that safety is non-negotiable on the road.

Bike helmets are generally designed to protect your head during a crash, but a bike helmet with lights will even help prevent a crash.

Having a bike helmet with built-in lights is like having a dual-purpose helmet with an extra layer of safety. 

It’s not just about protecting your head – these helmets do double duty by making sure you’re easily seen by drivers and other cyclists. They make the road safer for you and really cut down the chance of accidents.

Sharing the road with cars can be risky as a cyclist, and you can never have too many lights, so we’re sharing the best bike helmets with built-in lights for better visibility and safety on the road.

Why you need a bike helmet with built-in lights

Bike helmets with built-in lights are very useful safety gear for cyclists, especially if you enjoy riding when it’s dark. 

Think of it like this: it’s not just about you seeing the road; it’s also about making sure others can see you. 

The lights on the helmet put you in a better spot to be noticed by drivers and other cyclists. This extra visibility goes a long way in preventing accidents, especially when regular bike lights might not be as easy to notice.

Also, helmet lights are way more flexible than regular bike lights. Since they move with your head, you can use them to show when you’re turning or changing direction. 

It’s like your helmet becomes a signal, making it easier for other people on the road to know what you’re up to. This whole dynamic lighting makes your rides much safer.

7 Best bike helmets with built-in light for high visibility 


Best Premium Helmet

Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet

Max size: XL (61-65 cm)

Price at time of publication: $149.95

If you love cycling after dark, and you want a helmet with bright lights to add to your visibility and safety, the Lumos Ultra is a great option for you. 

The front and rear lights not only look cool but significantly boost visibility; with this helmet, cars will be more aware of you on the road. It has turn signal lights, controlled by a wireless remote on the handlebar, and they’re very practical and make it easy to communicate with drivers.

Another great feature is the MIPS technology for protecting the head from rotational forces in case of a crash. It also comes with a handful of other fancy features like built-in speakers for audio, and you can pair it with your smartphone to track your ride, listen to your favorite playlist, etc. 

Surprisingly, the helmet’s tech features don’t make it complicated to use. And the impressive battery life and USB type-C charging add to its user-friendly design.


Zacro Adult Bike Helmet with Lights

Max size: L (58-61 cm)

Price at time of publication: $35.99

This Zacro bike helmet excels in both comfort and safety, and is a standout choice for cyclists of all levels.

It seamlessly blends comfort and style, and comes with a rechargeable LED rear light, to make you more visible at night. Charging is quick – just 45 minutes, and the remote control is easy to use. It’s not just about safety; it’s practical too.

It’s also ultra-lightweight, yet offers maximum protection with its high-quality PC shell and high-density EPS foam. The CPSC certification guarantees maximum safety standards, for your peace of mind.

This helmet is breathable, and the moisture-wicking velvet pads can be removed and washed. With the combination of a Y-divider and a rotary dial system, you can easily adjust the size of the helmet to find the perfect fit for your head.


Adult Urban Bike Helmet with Taillights

Max size: L (59-61 cm)

Price at time of publication: $36.99

This helmet ticks all the right boxes – good construction, adjustable straps, lightweight, excellent ventilation, and a small visor. It’s obviously built for urban commuters, and it’s surprisingly comfortable.

It comes with replacement pads, to extend the lifespan of the helmet. My absolute favorite thing about this helmet is the backlight with different settings, that actually adds to city biking safety. The light has rechargeable USB feature, it fully charges in 2 hours and lasts for about 6–8 hours. 

It’s so comfortable that even with thick hair and a big head, you’ll find this helmet comfortable. And it fits so well that sometimes you’re sure to forget you’re wearing it. And of course, you can easily adjust it to fit different head sizes, and the comfortable chin strap and extra pad just add to the overall great experience.


Gudook Bike Helmet with LED Lights

Max size: XL (61-64 cm)

Price at time of publication: $49.99

The Gudook helmet is not just comfortable; the lights are amazing. Whether it’s daytime or low light conditions, these bright lights will make sure you’re visible to traffic, which greatly improves your safety on public roads. The lightweight feel, combined with the cushy pads, adds to the overall comfort. 

The strap under the chin and the size adjustment at the back of the helmet work smoothly.  And the 20-hole vent system keeps air flowing to keep your head from overheating, so no more sweaty rides.

The mesh lining and cushioned head improves the comfort level, plus the easy-to-remove feature for cleaning is a handy feature. 



Bike Helmet with

Rear Lights

Max size: L (57-61 cm)

Price at time of publication: $40

This helmet is a perfect fit for an average-sized head, and I love the easy turn/click to tighten it at the back. The chin straps are not just secure but also comfortable, and adjusting them is a breeze. The vents do their job well, keeping your head cool even during longer rides. 

The bonus here is the USB rechargeable LED light with three modes—steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing. The rear light is also a great addition for safety. And the high-visibility reflective strap ensures the helmet stays snug without shifting during rides. 

You can adjust the size for a better fit, and the dial fit system makes it easy to get a secure and comfortable fit. Plus, the soft, moisture-wicking, and washable helmet pads add to the overall comfort, which is ideal for urban commuting and city cycling.


Shinmax Bike

Helmet with Lights

Max size: L (57-62 cm)

Price at time of publication: $36.99

This Shinmax bike helmet is not only light and stylish, but also comes with a battery-powered rear light for added safety, offering three different features. And they even throw in an extra battery, which is a bonus! 

The LED rear light has three modes to make night cycling safer, and the removable magnetic goggles shield not only protects your eyes but also adds versatility against wind and UV light. It’s detachable, and you can wear your own glasses underneath, which is great.

Also, the helmet is made with high-density PC shell and EPS Foam using in-molding technology, to protect your head. The hard shell and removable soft inner pad give you maximum head protection from all sides. Safety with a touch of style – that’s what you get with this Shinmax helmet!


Adult Helmet with

LED Safety Lights

Max size: L (57-61 cm)

Price at time of publication: $21.97

This is another great buy for safety-conscious cyclists. It’s super lightweight, easy to adjust, and the rear flashing light is a fantastic safety addition. The price is great, and it fits well, providing a comfortable and secure feel. 

The LED safety lights are impressively bright with three modes, for excellent visibility whether you’re cycling during the day or night.

Made from sturdy PVC & PC, along with EPS foam, this helmet does a great job absorbing impact and minimizing shock, to keep your head stays safe during a crash.

You can easily tailor the fit to your liking with the adjustable harness and wheel ratchet dial. And it comes with 2 forehead cushions for added comfort and flexibility. 


What are the advantages of bike helmets with built-in lights?

Bike helmets with built-in lights improve your safety on the road by making you more visible in low light or at night. 

Helmet lights don’t necessarily eliminate the need for separate bike lights, instead, they provide an added layer of safety and make you more visible, this way other road users will easily see and avoid you. You can never have too many lights as a cyclist.

How do the built-in lights on these helmets function?

Most bike helmets with built-in lights have LED lights at the front and/or rear. These lights usually have different modes like steady, flashing, or strobe, and they’re powered by rechargeable batteries.

Some helmets come with smart features like automatic light activation depending on how bright or dark it is around you.

Are these helmets suitable for daytime use as well?

Yes, many helmets with built-in lights are designed for both daytime and nighttime use.  These built-in lights are not just for the dark – they also help you stand out in daylight, so drivers and other road users can easily see you. 

How long do the batteries in the built-in lights last, and how are they charged?

The battery life differs for various helmet models, but lots of them have rechargeable batteries that can keep going for a good few hours after one charge.

Usually for about 3 to 4 for most helmet models. Charging usually happens with a USB cable, and how long it takes depends on the helmet brand.

Are helmets with built-in lights heavier than regular helmets?

Not necessarily. Manufacturers design helmets with built-in lights to be lightweight to make sure they are comfortable for cyclists. Sure, there might be a little bit more weight from the lights, but it’s not a big deal.

The extra weight from the light is insignificant and doesn’t affect the overall comfort or safety of the helmet.

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